Evolve Sport is now under new ownership

Evolve Sport is now under new ownership following the purchase of the company by existing Directors Graham Morgan and John Bishop from Real Affinity PLC. This management buyout will allow Evolve Sport to focus more specifically on its unique niche market expertise – notably the provision of tailor-made solutions for its client brands in the areas of schools and grassroots sport.
Evolve Sport Chairman, Graham Morgan, speaking about the deal said: “The experience and expertise that John Bishop and I bring to the business make for an ideal blend and can exploit several positive synergies. We have formulated a new strategy with more focus on our key skills and our independent status will allow us to make decisions more quickly and in a more flexible manner – something that is vital in our marketplace.”
Managing Director, John Bishop, added: “I am delighted to have made this acquisition with fellow Director Graham Morgan. We work very well together and both have a passion for operating in the grassroots of sport and particularly in the schools area. Even in the short time since the deal was completed we have made some significant strides towards meeting the new targets we have set for a positive business performance by Evolve Sport.”