Minister of Sport, Gerry Sutcliffe, speaks positively about Evolve Education

Evolve Director Graham Morgan was fortunate enough to meet and talk with Gerry Sutcliffe, a local Bradford MP and Minister of Sport, to discuss the programme of activities that Evolve Education can offer to schools.

Mr Sutcliffe was generous enough to say:
“It is well documented that this Government is very keen to see young pupils being more physically active in schools. However, turning aims into reality brings with it many challenges.
Many of these challenges in schools and grassroots sport can be best met through those who have worked closely and successfully at that level for some time.
One such challenge is the skills gap between qualified teachers who are non specialists – but find themselves teaching sport – and those coaches who hold a National Governing Body award who want to work in schools but do not have the broader experience required for teaching.
Evolve’s staff and programmes are dedicated to getting pupils to fall in love with being physically active and trying to overcome the spread of physical illiteracy amongst youngsters – a cause that I strongly believe in myself.
I am delighted that it is a Bradford based company which has set about creating solutions to combat obesity and develop active healthy lifestyles for the next generation in schools and wish Evolve Education and its staff the very best of success with their initiatives and urge head teachers to get their schools involved.”