The Benefits to Children of Project HE:RO

Inactivity is pervasive in UK society and linked to a lack of self worth.
Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief UK Medical Officer, states that inactivity is more of a problem to Public Health than smoking, drinking and alcohol abuse combined. The causes of inactivity can be traced back to children lacking self esteem, personal confidence and feeling isolated with a lack of self worth. Disadvantaged children from the poorer parts of society are the most vulnerable to having low aspiration levels and are also under severe threat from disengagement, underachievement and poor health.

The recent BBC programme “Poor Kids” starkly illustrated the vicious circle that can easily form during early childhood. Project HE:RO has evolved to overcome many of the issues that lead to damaged life expectations of young children.

Courtney who was recently featured in the BBC documentary “Poor Kids”.
Project HE:RO supports personal development outside and inside the classroom.
Project HE:RO is delivered by Evolve Health Mentors who are specially selected, trained and enthusiastic role models who work with ALL children within primary schools to physically engage them along with their classroom peers. By developing the children’s physical literacy and showing them how much progress they can make, Health Mentors open up new horizons for the children they come into contact with.
Health Mentors can also be deployed within classrooms where they work with children on a wide range of programmes from supporting basic numeracy and literacy to the implementation of IBPs and IEPs to improve attainment with the most vulnerable children and inspire their personal development.