Evolve Directors Attend School Leadership Conference

Evolve directors John Bishop and Graham Morgan recently attended the Birmingham Leadership Conference at the Holiday Inn, Bromsgrove. The two day event was held for deputy and assistant headteachers to attend on the first day and for headteachers to join for the second day.
Valuable insights
We were lucky enough to be invited to attend some of the forum sessions which covered a variety of topics but the most animated one centred on the Government’s plans for schools to convert to the Academy model. There was a great deal of concern over the haste that this was being pushed through and several speakers spoke with great passion against being forced down this road.  Both Evolve directors gained valuable insights into the many challenges facing headteachers in the current economic situation.
School leaders under severe pressure
School leaders seem to be under severe pressure just now with so many changes and financial cuts happening around them. They may be getting some financial gains from these changes but the added responsibility coming their way is considerable.
Headteachers will find it even more demanding to actually get on with their chosen profession of helping to improve the education of their young learners.
Project HE:RO must compete for attention
With so many challenges crossing the desks of school leaders it is little surprise that headteachers are so difficult to contact directly. However when they do hear about Project HE:RO they are surprised to learn what other headteachers say about the programme in terms of improved attendance, attainment, aspiration and behaviour.