Celebrities give their support to Project HE:RO

Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud and currently starring as Princess Fiona in Shrek in the West End and Tom Cleverley of Manchester United have given their support to help spread the word about Project HE:RO.
Singer Kimberley Walsh has made a very successful career out of her passion for performing arts and is also a talented actress and dancer. Her career requires her to be in top condition to perform and look good at the same time. Kim has also needed to train up for some of her charity work as seen when she trekked up Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.
She is one of many who believe that “…Project HE:RO is doing great things to help young children get healthy and make the most of their potential.  I think this is a brilliant scheme and encourage all schools to get involved…”.
Both of these well grounded individuals provide good examples of how you can find an interest and then apply yourself to improving your talent it can make dreams come true. They both like the way HERO is trying to improve children’s lives.
More celebrity support to come
Evolve has worked hard to obtain further celebrity support for Project HE:RO and hope to announce these leading up to Christmas so watch this space for news of celebrities supporting HERO.