Evolve Sign Cleverley

Tom Cleverley is happy to support Evolve, particularly as he actually worked in Graham Morgan’s office on work placement whilst still at school. It was clear then that Tom was a very talented boy at sports.  However, Graham discovered that Tom’s greatest talent was fixing any IT problems that cropped up.

Tom has a great career ahead of him and his character and application are such that he will make the very most of any opportunities

“…I fell in love with football at an early age and I have been lucky enough to have had the support of many people who have helped me to develop my talent.
Project HE:RO, through its Health Mentors, is helping headteachers to provide pupils with opportunities to discover their interests and turn them into talents so that they can enjoy happier and healthier lives.
I wish Project HE:RO the very best of success and hope many schools will take up the opportunity to get involved and create better futures for their pupils…”
Tom Cleverley