Josh Barwick Supports Project HE:RO

Project HE:RO is delighted to announce the support of another inspirational role model from the world of entertainment.  Josh Barwick is a young professional ballet dancer with the Northern Ballet Company. His story provides an excellent example of how your passion can come out from nowhere, grab you and never let go.
A Real Life Billy Elliot
Josh was a typical eleven year old schoolboy and, apparently, not outstanding in any particular way.  One day his mum said she was taking his cousins to try out a dance class at a local school and asked him if he wanted to tag along.  Josh was doing nothing much in particular and thought it was something new to try and off he went.  However, once he walked into the studios Josh immediately felt that he had found a special place where he belonged and started his love affair with dance.

Inspirational Teacher, Expert Advice
There is a further twist in the tale, however.  Josh told his new dance teacher, Deana Morgan, that he wanted to be a professional dancer but was put off when she informed him that he would need to study ballet.  Josh resisted at first but Deana pointed out he was unlikely to have the necessary technical foundation to make it professionally without some grounding in ballet.
A Life Transformed
So against his own initial judgement, Josh attended his first ballet lesson – and his attitude was totally transformed the moment the class started. The rest, as they say, is history.
This true story about Josh shows how important it is for all children to try as many activities as possible so that they may uncover their interests and talents.

”…From the first moment I walked in to the studio, something clicked and I fell in love with the whole idea of being a professional ballet dancer.  I knew instantly that I wanted to make this my career.  It took a lot of hard work, time and effort but it paid off in the end.  I am now dancing with my dream company, Northern Ballet. It shows that if you have a dream you have to follow it – as they can come true”
Project HE:RO is a fantastic scheme and I really encourage schools and organisations to get involved…”
Josh Barwick, Northern Ballet
Academic Focus is Not Enough
Project HE:RO believes that the traditional education system in the UK has too much of an academic focus for young learners and this does not leave enough room to try activities that develop creative, physical, lifestyle, vocational or entrepreneurial skills.
We believe Physical Engagement and Active Learning help to open up many other interesting and relevant opportunities for children to discover which can lead to happy and healthy futures.  This is so important that it should be encouraged and not left to chance – as it was with Josh.