Danny Howard spins his support for an innovative programme that could find the next Superstar DJ

DJ Danny Howard is the latest celebrity to offer his support to a recently formed social enterprise that helps to give children from disadvantaged areas the best possible start in life.

Evolve: A Social Impact Company works with schools, community groups, parents and children to provide innovative solutions that address some of the key challenges facing society today including inactivity and obesity, low aspirations, poor educational attainment and youth unemployment.
Evolve’s latest creation is called “XLR8 Camps” and supports the Department for Education’s Summer School Programme by providing enjoyable, engaging and educational activities for children during the school holiday periods.  The programme has been designed to give children the chance to discover their talent and be inspired to transform their physical, creative and problem solving skills, something that Danny can himself relate to, saying:
“…With DJ’ing and producing records, I have found activities that I am passionate about and remain focussed at becoming the best that I can be.  Children need to be inspired to engage in as many different experiences as possible so that they too can find something that will fulfil and enrich their lives – like DJ’ing and producing continue to do for me…”
Danny also knows the role that Evolve can play in shaping the lives of our next generation.  He was once part of the Evolve team in Blackpool where he was helping to introduce their programmes to local schools whilst he was studying at Edge Hill University.  Danny also says:
“…Evolve has devised another unique and innovative programme in XLR8 Camps and I only wish that I was young enough to experience one for myself this summer…”
Evolve director, John Bishop, is delighted that Danny has got behind the XLR8 programme and that he has taken time out from his extremely hectic schedule to use his rapidly growing celebrity status to make a difference to the lives of many vulnerable children:
“…Danny is the perfect role model for all children attending XLR8 Camps.  He has shown exactly how much can be achieved when talent and hard work meet opportunity.  Danny’s support for Evolve and XLR8 will help to inspire children around the country to find and develop their own talents and, in doing so, give them the confidence and attitude needed to succeed in life…”
The first ever XLR8 Camp commenced on Monday 23rd July 2012 at the Priory Witham Academy in Lincoln with similar events scheduled in Birmingham, Bradford and Rotherham later this summer with schools in London, Sheffield, Nottingham and Cardiff already lined up for 2013/14.