‘A Lesson in Customer Experience Management’

On the second day of Evolve’s Staff Conference keynote speaker Chris Daffy led a talk titled ‘customer experience management’. Chris works with many companies and leads lectures for business leaders all over the country and his advice was extremely valuable for Evolve’s staff.

The aim of the talk was to advise Evolve’s Health Mentors on how to provide the best service possible to the schools that run Project HE:RO. The Health Mentors were reminded that when they are in the schools they are not only representing Evolve but also that they are a ‘brand’ themselves. Once this was understood Chris highlighted many other important subjects that can develop the Health Mentor’s quality of service.
Chris began by explaining that recent research carried out by Saatchi and Saatchi’s research team found that current thinking showed customers had loyalty to companies or brands that they love and respect. Once these companies are regarded this way they gain a ‘love mark’ by the customer. The main point in explaining this was to work out how Evolve, Project HE:RO and the Health Mentors themselves can gain ‘love marks’ and have guaranteed loyalty by it’s customers.
One really interesting part of the talk was when Chris explained how memory is a key part of customer service. He informed Evolve that people only live in the present for roughly three seconds before there mind wanders into prior experiences or memories. This means that it is vital the impression or memory a company leaves the customer is positive one. Health Mentors can do this by ensuring that they provide a service above expectation. Chris also spoke about how Health Mentors can counter a negative experience, if there are any, by increasing the level of positive experiences ensuring the customer is left with a positive memory overall.
The advice that Chris gave to the Evolve Health Mentors was extremely valuable and has the ability to change the way Evolve provides customer service, ensuring it is of the highest quality. On behalf of everyone in the Evolve team we would like to thank Chris for his time and brilliant advice.