Evolve Staff Conference 2012 – Day 2!

The second day of the Evolve Staff Conference began with a session led by keynote speaker, Chris Daffy. This talk was titled ‘customer experience management’ and was attended by everyone at the conference. Chris spoke about the importance in providing the highest quality of customer service in order to gain the loyalty of customers. His advice was extremely useful to the Evolve Health Mentors, as the quality of service they provide to schools directly leads to the loyalty that a school has towards Project HE:RO and other Evolve programmes. For more information on this talk led by Chris Daffy’s you can read this article- https://www.evolvesi.com/2012/09/a-lesson-in-customer-experience-management/
The mid-morning session was the first of the physical activity sessions at the conference. The Health Mentors headed over to Aston University’s sports hall and took part in a session titled ‘what does it take to be outstanding?’. Evolve’s Regional Managers led this session and the Health Mentors were able to learn how to improve the quality of their performance as a Health Mentor.
Throughout the afternoon the Health Mentors attended sessions led by the Evolve Health Mentor Trainers. The first session, titled ‘raising expectations in physical education’, involved a discussion and brainstorming session into how Health Mentors develop their role within a school. Providing physical education is an essential part of a Health Mentor’s role and this session was useful in explaining how they can improve.

The second session was titled ‘much more than simply a sports coach’ and consisted of discussing ways to develop the Health Mentor’s abilities as a mentor for children. There was discussion about the different kinds of role that are combined into an Evolve Health Mentor and the groups were asked to highlight the difference between the roles. During one part of the session the Health Mentors were split into groups and given examples of difficult situations in which they would need to mentor a child. The Health Mentors then shared how they would deal with the situations and they were able to build upon what they already knew about mentoring.
The second day of the conference ended with social activities, a choice of badminton or swimming, and an evening meal. One of the things that the Health Mentors enjoyed most about the conference was that they were able to meet and mix with Health Mentors from different regions of the country. These social activities enabled them to this and show off their competitive side during the badminton tournament!