Evolve Staff Conference 2012 – Day 3!

The third and final day of the staff conference began with some physical activity in a session called ‘know your outcomes’. This session was led by the regional managers and involved the Health Mentors carrying out the types of physical activities that the children involved in Project HE:RO will take part in. This session enabled Health Mentors to experience Project HE:RO from the child’s perspective and pick up some new ideas for physical activity lessons.
After this, the Health Mentors attended a session led by Bryn Llewellyn titled ‘at the heart of Project HE:RO lies…’. The aim of this session was define the key aspects of Project HE:RO and discuss them in detail. The session began by all Health Mentors defining and acknowledging the difference between the roles of being a sports coach and being a mentor for children. Bryn then went on to advise the Health Mentors on ways in which they can improve in their role as a Health Mentor.
During the afternoon session the Evolve staff attended a talk by Jan Edwards, Headteacher of St. George’s CE Primary School in Birmingham and OFSTED Inspector. This session was called ‘effective assistance’ and was extremely beneficial to the Health Mentors in teaching them what schools expect and deserve from Project HE:RO. Jan began by highlighting the importance of professionalism and how a Health Mentor should behave in the same manner as the rest of the school’s staff. Jan emphasised the importance of lesson planning and how it is vital to be organised in order to run a smooth lesson. A particularly useful part of Jan’s session was when she discussed and advised Health Mentors on the attitude needed to work with children and how every child requires different support from the mentors. Jan’s session was extremely valuable and inspirational and it also contained advice that the Health Mentors will carry with them throughout their careers.
The last session of the conference consisted of Graham and John Bishop providing feedback and a summary of the conference at hand. This session started with discussion of some of the things that Health Mentors had noted as their ‘highlights of the year’. The list included career progression, recognition from children and even attending the 2012 Evolve Staff Conference! John then discussed the issues that had been highlighted by Health Mentors as needing some development and improvements. The session finished with a reminder that the 2012/2013 Evolve year will focus on ensuring that the service Evolve provides is of the highest quality.
After the last session the Evolve staff celebrated the success of the conference and blew of some steam on the football pitch. The teams were mixed regionally, the few who had chosen not to play were cheering from the sidelines and the Man of the Match was Ash Khan from Team London who scored two goals for the red team.
The 2012 Evolve Staff Conference was educational, enjoyable and social for all those who attended. Evolve would like to thank everyone who took part in the staff conference and we will hopefully see all who attended at next year’s conference!