LCB: Rhyming, Smiling and Inspiring

An urban poet has become the latest addition to the team of high profile Evolve ambassadors which also includes Kimberley Walsh, Tom Cleverley and DJ Danny Howard.

Leon Burke (aka LCB) is a spoken word artist from Birmingham who impressed Evolve Director John Bishop so much at the inaugural TedxBrum event last year that John tracked him down and invited Leon to lead a series of literacy workshops as part of Evolve’s XLR8 Programme this summer.

Although Leon’s performance at the TedxBrum event was aimed at the slightly older audience, John knew that Leon could play an important role in inspiring our next generation to fall in love with the written and spoken word.  John comments:

“…What Leon does is clever, unique, funny and captures the imagination and enthusiasm of children in schools today. His blend of wit, lyrical poetry and heartfelt emotion is pure genius. Leon is a shining example of what Evolve is all about: children discovering their talents and using them as anchors to help them lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives…”
The impact that Leon had during the XLR8 courses in the summer was not just on the pupils. Evolve Health Mentor staff were so impressed with Leon’s involvement that they campaigned for him to attend the Evolve Staff National Conference at the end of August. It was at this forum where Leon could deliver his much anticipated TedxBrum piece – Frapuccino. The occasion was even more special for those in attendance because one of the invited guests was the very subject of the Frapuccino story, Leon’s girlfriend Lauren.
Leon is very proud to be an Evolve Ambassador and is looking forward to helping more children develop their literacy skills whilst kick starting their creativity and imagination, adding:
“…Evolve is an outstanding company that does exactly what it says in the name: It helps young people to evolve into something new and discover paths that they may not necessarily have thought about. The main thing that I like about Evolve is how the directors are so hands on within the organisation which is great for the Health Mentors as well as the thousands of young people whose lives they are committed to improving…”
Leon and the Evolve Directors are hard at work developing plans for the 2013 XLR8 Programme and Leon is currently being signed up by schools for impactful and cutting edge literacy workshops.
The appointment of Evolve’s latest ambassador sends a clear and positive message to all young people who are uncertain about which direction to take with their lives post compulsory education.  Leon has shown that with hard work, dedication and talent you can devise your own career plan that centres around what you belief in and are passionate about.