Evolve wins Big Potential grant

Evolve has won a £60,000 contract readiness grant from Big Potential, which will assist the research that is necessary for them to apply for £1million of funding to enhance Health Mentor training.
That funding would ultimately bring the health and wellbeing benefits of Evolve’s offer to more children and school staff, which in turn would have a wider impact on society.
Director John Bishop said: “We are delighted that Evolve is being recognised for its valuable work in improving the health and wellbeing of children, and has won this investment to expand its reach.

“This grant will enable us to work to secure contracts and win more investment, and ultimately will allow us to train more people to become Health Mentors.
“Evolve currently trains and manages Health Mentors who are based in approximately 150 schools around the UK. However, there are more than 20,000 schools who do not have a Health Mentor, so offering our training programmes to support staff already in situ and others will significantly expand our reach..
“In order to both secure contracts and obtain investment, we are building on our existing portfolio of programmes with the development of an extensive and sophisticated training division. We will shortly be announcing a new partnership with a university to offer new training programmes.”
The Health Mentor Training Programme has been developed and refined over the past five years. Evolve will also offer training to groups, including government partners, such as the Skills Funding Agency, public health departments and school academy chains.
Evolve was assisted in obtaining its Big Potential grant by Aleron, a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society. Aleron will continue to act as a support advisor.

Big Potential is administered by the Social Investment Business on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund in partnership with Locality, Social Enterprise UK, Charity Bank and the University of Northampton.
It is aimed at eligible voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VSCEs), with the aim of imporving their sustainability, capacity and scale, and helping them deliver greater social impact for communities across England.