Skydiving Indea lands on her feet

Birmingham Health Mentor Indea Smith-Boora is so scared of heights she could only decide to take the plunge and fulfill her dream of a skydive at the last minute.
But Indea, aged 21, surprised her trainer and jumped from a plane from 13,000 feet.

“I wanted to do a skydive for a while but was too scared to make the decision. It was all very spontaneous. I signed up just a few days before.”
Indea underwent 20 minutes training prior to her jump at the North London Skydiving Centre in March, Cambridgeshire.
“My trainer told my instructor I was a potential refusal but I proved them both wrong,” Indea said.
“I kept my eyes closed for the first few seconds of freefalling. I was advised to scream if I was worrying about breathing. I screamed on the way down.
“Once the parachute cord was pulled I relaxed and loved every minute of it. The instructor let me steer the chute round in circles. I landed on my feet.
“I am so glad I did it and would like to have another go for charity.”
Indea lives in Moseley and works full time as an Evolve Health Mentor in Highfield Junior and Infant School in Saltley, Birmingham.
“I love my work, it’s my first job since university” she added. Indea has a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Essex.