Keighley pupils get active with maths

It’s maths, but not as we know it, for Year 2-6 pupils at Nessfield Primary School in Keighley, where Senior Health Mentor Brian Padden managed to include the numbers game in most subjects over a week.
He kicked off his Active Maths Week at Nessfield with a game of Tagtiv8. The children had fun playing the learning version of tag rugby, chasing each other for tags and then making the numbers score multiples of 10.

Kian, aged eight, was impressed. “That game was awesome,” he said. “It takes a lot to get me to do maths.”
Brian wanted children to learn in a fun and active way, telling them that the oxygen would get their brains working better.
He stressed that maths can be included in every part of the curriculum, including PE. “It can be active, visual and we can discuss ideas around it,” he explained.
Nessfield acting head Nicola Thornber said the Active Maths Week was an exciting development for her school. “This is having a huge benefit in sparking the children into maths,” she added..
“The combination of formal teaching and Brian’s activities is very powerful. We were just going to focus on Key Stage 2 pupils, but it was such a great idea that we extended it.”
On hand to help Brian was Tagtiv8’s Bryn Llewellyn, who developed the kit to teach maths and English through active learning.
Bryn said: “Co-delivering the sessions meant that the children really embraced the idea of active learning. Their energy and enthusiasm were clearly evident, while their responses to ‘Thinking Challenges’ showed confidence in fluency and mathematical reasoning. Many of the children didn’t realise it was actually a maths lesson until they were immersed in the games.”