Health Mentor stars shine at annual conference

The very best of our excellent team of Evolve Health Mentors received awards at our annual conference for their sterling work in boosting health and emotional wellbeing in schools up and down the country.
Chris Lincoln took our top title of National Health Mentor of the Year. He has increased the number of schools in his role in Lincolnshire, has taken on additional tasks around training and feedback for newer Health Mentors, and shared best practice resources. He has also been promoted to Regional Manager.
Oli Zaki, from the Black Country region, was named Rookie of the Year. Evolve Managing Director John Bishop said: “Oli epitomises the core ingredients of a Health Mentor. He is respectful, engaging, proactive, approachable and motivated.”

This year’s Regional Manager of the Year is Joe Powton, who is in charge of Wales and Bristol, where he leads and motivates successful teams. His accolade was presented by last year’s Regional Manager of the Year, Paul Bliston.
Our other Health Mentors of the Year are pictured above. Back row (left to right): Jeevan Chagger (Birmingham BG), Precious Harvey (Birmingham AR), Naomi Lewis (Black Country), Helen Morrissey (Wales & Bristol), Melvin Shoyeju (London) and Brian Padden (West Yorkshire). Front row: Ross Wagstaff (Birmingham JC), Chris Sturgeon (Coventry), Alex Hillman (Birmingham LH), Will Roberts (Nottinghamshire) and Chris Lincoln (Lincolnshire). They received their awards from their Regional Managers.
John added: “Our awards go to staff who provide excellent delivery to schools and are positive, dynamic and proactive. These titles are very well deserved.”
Evolve’s inaugural award for Health Innovation Within Education was presented to Cath Rindl, Headteacher of Nansen Primary School in Birmingham on our behalf by Dr Adrian Phillips, Director of Birmingham Public Health.
Over 90 Evolve staff and education leaders, partners and VIP guests attended the three-day National Conference at Ashorne Hill in Warwickshire, which focussed on the themes of leadership and how we are leaders in our field.
They shared expertise and learned about our exciting developments for 2016/17.
They also heard from Evolve Chairman Graham Morgan about how the company is leading its field in education in many ways. For example, 20 brand-new Health Mentors are making history by starting the UK’s first Level 4 Short Course in Health Mentoring in collaboration with Newman University in Birmingham; Evolve Health Mentors have a proven lasting impact on pupils’ emotional wellbeing; and Evolve is the chosen deliverer of Health Research UK talks in schools and many other partnerships and initiatives.
Managing Director John Bishop said that while other summer providers only offer sport and physical activity, Evolve’s XLR8 programmes promote the all-round development of pupils. Furthermore, our range of programmes is extending with SLAM (Student Leadership and Mentoring), which enables older pupils to take responsibility for mentoring, training and supporting younger pupils within secondary schools.
He added that by focussing on leadership for the three days of the conference, the individual skills of Health Mentors were developed. This was done through workshops, exchange of ideas and networking.
A pre-filmed and live fashion show saw models unveil branded Evolve kit for Health Mentors. The new range includes jackets, t-shirts, shorts and trousers.
The following delegates attended the conference:
Cath Rindl (Nansen Primary School); Dr Adrian Phillips (Director Public Health); Lena Kuenkal, Chrissy Corlet Walker (Aleron); Dr Simon BIcknell ­(Newman University); Richard Lewis (King Edward Five Ways); Chris Buckley (The Content Factory); Allan Moffatt (Evolve Marketing); Lisa Gagliani (Childhood Trust); Barbara Dinsdale (Heart Research UK); Dave Harris (Independant Thinking Limited); PK Vaish, Steve Wyatt (Amaven); Gareth Letton (Bracken Lane); Sarah Mayhew, Liz Wood (Magical Maths); Duncan Chamberlain, Paddy Gardner (Bridging To The Future); Bryn Llewellyn (Tagtiv8); Alice Lacey (Now Press Play); Katie Buckingham (Altruist Enterprises); Simon Jay (Thrive); Gilroy Brown (Behaviour Specialist); Simon Lowe (Handsam); Tristan Alden (Mathletics); Denise Maxwell (Lensi Photography); Catherine Thornton (Thrumpton CE Primary); Andy Pullin (Langold Dyscarr); Henry Annafi (Education Consultant); Iggy Rhodes (Whole Education).
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