#Herochat mentoring talk on Twitter shares some great ideas from our Mentors

Our #herochat hour on Twitter between Evolve Health Mentors and education professionals and leaders proved very worthwhile. During the course of the responses, it revealed some key insights into why children need mentors and provided the unanimous view that teachers do not have time to mentor pupils.
During what was our first #herochat of the academic year, participants debated answers to questions posed about mentoring and shared valuable insights and ideas into how this powerful tool helps pupils, teachers and Evolve staff achieve positive.
If you missed #herochat, the highlights are:
Question 1 – What does the term ‘mentor’ mean to you? 
The answers correlated together gave us the following definition:
A mentor is a trusted and patient role model who listens, advises and guides someone on a journey to a positive set of outcomes, thus being remembered for the impact and inspiration they had on that person’s life. 
Question 2 – Who has been your greatest influence in life? 
Answers included:
Family members such as parents 
Close friends 
Question 3 – How have you mentored someone inside or outside school? 
Ideas included:
Flipped mentoring – pupils mentor you to make the most of a situation. 
Pause button therapy – to help improve behaviour. 
One-to-one and small group interventions. 
Volunteering schemes. 
Continuous mentoring by leading as a role model to family members and pupils. 
Question 4 – What skills make a good mentor? 
Attributes identified were:
– Listening 
– Approachable 
– Patience 
– Empathy 
– Enthusiasm 
– Forward-thinking 
– Focussed 
– Caring 
– Positivity 
Question 5 – Why do children need a mentor? 
The answers correlated together gave us the following reasoning:
Mentors are required to provide guidance and change the trajectory of children’s lives by supporting mental and emotional requirements. This is achieved by offering nurture and support to allow children to express themselves and reach more positive outcomes. 
Question 6 – Do teachers have time to mentor their students effectively? 
The resounding answer to this question was NO!
Question 7 – Who can support with mentoring in schools? 
Those who have the time to listen and offer support can mentor others, most notably Evolve Health Mentors. 
Question 8 – Following the discussion, what ideas will you use when mentoring someone in the future? 
Responses merged together gave us this thought:
We must remember that everyone has the power and capability to be a mentor. Ensure you do not rush the process but listen with empathy whilst being a positive role model.  
A thought to remember each day you go into school as outlined by Lead Health Mentor Jeevan Chagger:
“Be happy and remember if a child walks home fEvolve herochat thankseeling better than they began it, you’ve done your job”  
The next #herochat is scheduled for Monday 20th February, it would be great if you could join us!