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Evolve delivers XLR8 courses during school holiday periods to develop pupils’ personal skills and support their learning all year round. The project developed when Evolve decided to support pupils difficult transition from Year 6 to Year 7. A typical XLR8 course would include pupils coming into the secondary school for two weeks during the summer holiday and taking part in themed weeks to help develop their social skills, personal development and partake in physical activities.

The impact of these XLR8 courses is clear for all to see. Pupils take part in a series of personal challenges known as Personal Best, My Effort (PB:ME) and aim to beat their own score each day and make progress against personal goals. Parental feedback tells us how much more confident their child is and here are some quotes from people who have experienced XLR8:

  • “XLR8 helps children to gain independence and confidence.” (GM, parent)
  • “I think it should go on longer, I enjoyed it so much, I have made some new friends!” (Paige, XLR8 pupil)
  • “XLR8 is a programme like no other holiday course out there. Pupils have the opportunity to really find out who they are, what they want to achieve and have the chance to showcase their individual talents.” (Joe, parent)

Over the past three years the XLR8 programme has developed to a point where courses are delivered all year round for all pupils across KS2.

“The programme is designed to grow pupils’ personal development, emotional wellbeing and social abilities. I have seen first-hand pupils transform within a week from a quiet reserved child who finds it hard to speak to anyone, to performing on their own during the talent show at the end of the course in front of their peers and parents. It’s amazing what a week on this course can do for a child.” (Rachel, Health Mentor)

Evolve’s main aim is to increase the number of children nationally who get the opportunity to experience and take part in an XLR8 course. We currently operate in eight regions – London, Wales, Birmingham, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire, Coventry and Bristol. To do this, we have a selection of venues available, such as: Blue Coat, Coventry; St. Thomas Aquinas, Birmingham; Goole Academy, Lincolnshire.

The benefit for children is that they continue to be within education setting during half terms and have an opportunity to create bonds with pupils from other primary schools. Parents are confident in leaving their children in a safe, fun, active educational environment.

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