How our innovative impact report system is benefiting pupils

Evolve’s Project HE:RO programme, led by its team of Health Mentors, is having a positive impact on thousands of children’s lives in England and Wales, and has improved their wellbeing by 11.31% during the last autumn term alone.

How do we know this? Evolve’s West Midlands Regional Manager, Amie Richards, who also leads on impact reporting for the company, has co-developed a new system to collect and analyse data, and report to schools. Amie explains how this works: “When we visit one of our schools, we can all see the great work that we are doing in schools and the massive impact we are having on children’s lives.
“However, we need to be able to evidence the impact of our services to governors, parents and Ofsted. That is why this year we are using a new system for our impact reports, making the data quantitative and more informative.
“Students fill in our specifically-designed survey four times a year, focusing on their personal development, physical activity and emotional wellbeing. These areas are then analysed to give the pupils an overall health and wellbeing score. There are many benefits to this system: the school can see the areas where the Health Mentor is having the greatest impact; timetables can be adjusted based on the children’s scores; and the Health Mentors can tailor mentoring sessions to focus on specific areas.
“As of our T1 data collection in January, the Evolve Health Mentors nationwide are impacting on a significant number of children and have improved their overall health and wellbeing by 11.31% in the autumn term. The biggest improvements are in the children’s physical activity levels, which increased by 7.23%, closely followed by the children’s emotional wellbeing, which improved by 5.28%.”
Evolve Amie RichardsAmie (pictured left) is currently working closely with an online fitness software company, Amaven, to develop the impact survey and the online platform. During her studies for a BSc in Sports Science, where Amie’s dissertation was on Performance Analysis, she found that she had taken a liking to number-crunching and data analysis, and understood the importance of gathering this type of information and how it should be used. When Amie joined Evolve, she asked if she could undertake her MSc dissertation on the quantitative impact of one of Evolve’s Partners, Move4words, in a Year 3 classroom. Her experience with data analysis helped her develop her leadership role.
Amie plans to develop the impact survey further to collect strong qualitative data to capture the aspects that numbers can’t gather. As the famous quote says: “All of the statistics in the world cannot measure the warmth of a smile.”
All Evolve schools regularly receive impact reports to show in detail the impact that their Health Mentors have had on their children. The schools are able to use these reports to review their Health Mentors’ timetables and use the report as evidence for their Pupil Premium or Sports Premium spend.
The theme from the company’s national conference was ‘Leaders in the Field’ and Evolve are definitely meeting this goal by evidencing the impact that we are having on children.  Ultimately, our aim is to transform a generation and the more accurate data is helping us to have a greater impact more quickly with the children who need it most.
Amie added: “The feedback we have had from schools on our reporting measures has been very positive and is a massive step forward from our old methods of data collection and impact reporting.”
To find out more from Amie, check her out on Twitter @AmieRichards or email