Emotional wellbeing debate pulls in followers to #herochat

Seventy contributors discussed how to improve emotional wellbeing during Evolve’s second #Herochat hour of this academic year, producing 444 tweets using the #Herochat hashtag.
The #Herochat moderator, Evolve’s regional manager for East Midlands, Chris Lincoln, who is also the current Health Mentor of the Year, said: “This was a valuable discussion and I am pleased so many influential professionals joined this debate with Evolve Health Mentors on an important topic.

“Sharing information live in this way helps us all further our mission to raise our’s and ultimately children’s emotional wellbeing.”
The session revealed key insights into how emotional wellbeing can be improved and looked at some of the challenges.
If you missed #Herochat, the highlights are:
Question 1 – What does the term ‘emotional wellbeing’ mean to you?
The answers correlated together gave us the following definition:
‘Finding techniques to manage and show resilience to cope with challenges to help maintain good physical and mental health; allowing you to reach your full potential with an emotionally stable lifestyle’.
Question 2 – Out of 10, how would you rate your work-life balance and why?
The results were surprisingly high, with the majority of scores above 5. Reasoning behind this was because people are doing the following:
‘Wellbeing is supported by hobbies and interests outside of work, allowing you to do something you enjoy and switch off from work. Doing a job you are passionate about and having committed and inspirational people around you aso provides additional support’.
Question 3 – What strategies have you put in place to achieve a good balance?
Ideas included:
* Running
* Swimming
* Reading
* Football
* Gym
* Hockey
* Time for self-reflection
* Team-bonding days
As underpinned by Evolve’s Josh Cronin: “Do something to show your work is finished for the day.”
Question 4 – How would you rate the current state of wellbeing in schools?
The general consensus was:
‘If Ofsted were to grade wellbeing it would be at Requires Improvement. It is currently not a priority in schools and is leading to staff illness, poor morale and more staff leaving.’
This concept became national news the following morning, with evidence that the Government has missed teacher recruitment targets for the past five years.
Question 5 – Do you use any technology or Apps to support your wellbeing?
Ideas included:
* Thrive
* Blinkist
* GoNoodle
* Twitter
* FitBit
* Garmin Sports watch
* Strava
* Wunderlist
* Jawbone
Question 6 – What ideas can you take forward from this discussion to improve your wellbeing?
Ideas included:
* Use more Apps
* Support others
* Allow time for yourself
* Leave your stresses at home and don’t bring them into the workplace
* Do something enjoyable
To view all the posts go to https://storify.com/chrisbourne2win/herochat-58ab522e7aef0ab629f268eb