Would your school like to join The Being Well Agenda?

Schools stretching from Aberdeen to Plymouth and Carmarthen to Essex are helping to shape The Being Well Agenda, an innovative project where schools and leading organisations share knowledge around the wellbeing of staff and pupils.
The Being Well Agenda was created to help build a nation of children who are healthy and happy within an educational system that does not seem to prioritise these outcomes as highly as it does others.
The Being Well Agenda website provides a stimulus for schools to achieve these goals by committing to a series of wellbeing activities across the course of the academic year.
Evolve being well aynsley greenFormer Children’s Commissioner for England Sir Al Aynsley Green (pictured left) formed a working party of partners, including Evolve, Family Links, Coram Life Education and Independent Thinking, to collaborate on a project to mark his presidency of the British Medical Association.
Sir Al says: “It requires a ‘paradigm shift’ in political and societal attitude in how we see the need to have healthy, educated and resilient children now to become the productive adults we need in the future to support an ever-ageing population and deal with the many challenges that face the world.
“The Being Well Agenda is a new and innovative project bringing together schools with some of the UK’s leading organisations focused on such a ’paradigm shift’, organisations with a track record of making change happen in schools across the country.”
The Being Well Agenda partners have shared beliefs in their ability to make a genuine difference to children’s wellbeing.
They have devised strategies about how to make the lives of pupils and teachers in schools more healthy and balanced using a series of 10 monthly themes.
These themes act as a stimulus for pupils and teachers to plan their own activities and share their successes with other schools involved in the project. Forthcoming themes for the coming months of March and April are technology and nature.
Sir Al added: “Schools who want to be part of The Being Well Agenda community simply need to focus on each theme for a month for the year, running events or activities that could range from an assembly to an INSET day, a whole-school project to a community event, a single classroom activity to a parents’ evening.”
Evolve Managing Director John Bishop said: “Evolve already works closely with schools to boost children’s emotional and physical wellbeing, thereby enhancing their academic progress.
“We are delighted to also work with schools on The Being Well Agenda and receive their feedback about how it positively affects children and staff involved.
“It’s all about trying new approaches, sharing ideas and developing a school-led movement which puts the wellbeing of staff and pupils right at the heart of teaching and learning.”
Evolve Health Mentors work in schools through Project HE:RO to design and run programmes that support The Being Well Agenda’s monthly themes, through breakfast clubs, lunchtime activities, mentoring workshops and after-school clubs.
To sign your school up for The Being Well Agenda or to simply learn more about this movement, visit the website at www.beingwellagenda.org.