Game on for Gameplan

Our partners in the pre-16 team at King’s College, London, have developed a free games-based website that allows 10 to 14-year-olds and their parents and teachers to explore university.
Using games, videos and animations, the site offers pupils interactive advice and guidance on how to access highly selective universities. The site also features a dedicated parents’ section, offering information on how to access universities.

Gameplan is designed to be used in short sessions or as a standalone site, or in a more structured lesson-based format with accompanying lesson plans. There is a five-lesson scheme of work available to schools too. The site can be accessed at home or at school.
Pupils create their own avatars, equipped with superpowers (skills) and gadgets (equipment), and the characters follow the pupils to the Game Map – featuring 10 games.
Access the Gameplan website here or check out the Facebook page.