Health Mentor Jeevan nominated in National Diversity Awards

Lead Health Mentor Jeevan Chagger, also known as Mr C, has been nominated for a Positive Role Model award in the 2017 National Diversity Awards.
Within 48 hours of being nominated, Jeevan, 20, who works as an Evolve Lead Health Mentor at inner city school Nansen Primary in Birmingham, received more than 20 endorsements and votes.

Jeevan says: “I feel humbled that someone has been able to recognise my work and efforts. I continue each day with the sole aim of making children feel happier about themselves, leading more fulfilling and meaningful lives, and leaving the school gates with a smile.”
He has been nominated for his continual work in his local community, including setting up projects which encouraged more young people from ethnic minority groups to get involved in fun, engaging and active sports, and supporting young people to have a voice.
He was also praised for his work with Evolve, supporting young people in a challenging primary school, promoting their wellbeing and access to competitive sport, and helping them overcome barriers in learning, behaviour and personal development. He introduces innovative ideas, which have resulted in more pupils engaged in learning and making progress.
His support also extends to school staff, who have received random acts of kindness from Jeevan and help to build a culture to share appreciation.
Jeevan says his Health Mentor role has allowed him to become more visionary in the ways he creates and plans community projects outside of school too.
He explains: “One of these includes a project I am working on, to increase the participation of young people in my hockey club by introducing a new youth academy system by inviting many young people from a range of schools to hockey trials.”
He reveals that when growing up, he often lacked the support of a prominent figure in the schools he attended and lacked the confidence and willpower to be able to trust any adult at school, because he was often set back by teachers “not having enough time for me”.
Joining Evolve and working in the Project HE:RO programme has enabled him to “be that person who I so needed in my schooling years, but for others.”
You can read more on his blog, Health Mentor Mr C, here and he is active on Twitter as @JeevanSChagger with chats and CPD shares through #herochat #ukedchat ukpechat #PrimaryRocks #MemoryMarch #dojochat. He is also UK ambassador for Class Dojo UK, a behaviour management tool used in schools.
You can vote for Jeevan in the National Diversity Awards by June 9 here and follow the results through @ndawards #NDA17.