Podcasts are A Head of Our Time

An innovative series of podcasts has been launched to deliver and explore unique insights and fresh perspectives into some of the challenges faced by school leaders today.
Exclusive and inspiring interviews with school leaders will share the inside track on achieving successful educational performance and offer solutions for topics ranging from staff wellbeing, school culture and work/life integration.
The interviewer behind the project is Evolve Managing Director John Bishop. He says: “I’ve built a career from talking with headteachers and listening to how they approach major educational challenges. I thought it was time for other people to hear some of these inspirational messages and stories that I have been privileged to benefit from.

“I want to support school leaders by sharing successes to help the professional development of colleagues who may be facing similar challenges. Ultimately, this will have an impact on pupils’ learning, wellbeing and happiness.
“The podcasts are between 60 and 90 minutes long, and are ideal for consuming in byte-size chunks during the weekly commute or even whilst walking the dog.
“I hope that people working with an interest in education will be inspired and motivated by the interviews after listening to some of the most respected and innovative school leaders in the UK, who all have a proven track record of school transformation.”
The podcast series opens with headteacher Alison Kriel (pictured above with John), who steered multicultural Northwold School in Hackney from a failing school to an outstanding school with vision, determination and humility.
A passionate believer in staff wellbeing, Alison discusses how she continues to bring the best out of her team and pupils alike through empathy, encouragement and empowerment, with Ofsted stating in Northwold’s latest inspection report: “As a result, staff feel valued and give of their best. There is a real sense of pride in being part of Northwold from staff and pupils alike.”
These interviews can be found on the A Head of our Time website at www.aheadofourtime.co.uk and associated podcast.