How we can help pupils achieve their best at SATS time

Our popular #herochat hour on Twitter in May explored how teachers and parents can support student wellbeing during the stress of SATs.

We led the discussion about how exams affect pupil wellbeing, what technology can help revision and how teachers and parents can help.
This Twitter chat came at a time when SATs is not the only cause of pupil and staff mental health difficulties.
The hour-long session was led by Evolve’s Regional Manager for East Midlands, Chris Lincoln, who is also our Health Mentor of the Year. Chris asked the questions and moderated the chat.
#Herochat is named after Evolve’s Project HE:RO that sees Health Mentors deployed in schools. Mentoring has been found to have powerful a positive impact in schools, especially on pupil emotional wellbeing.
Our next #herochat will be in the autumn.