Oli to head up part of West Midlands region

Award-winning Health Mentor Oli Zaki is taking up the mantle as a new Evolve Regional Manager for the West Midlands.

Oli, who has worked for Evolve on Project HE:RO in the Black Country region since August 2015, was named Rookie of the Year last August after quickly making an impression a year into his job.
Evolve Managing Director John Bishop said at the awards: “Oli epitomises the core ingredients of a Health Mentor. He is respectful, engaging, proactive, approachable and motivated.”
Following Oli’s promotion to Regional Manager, John added: “Oli provides excellent delivery to schools and his dynamic and positive approach is ideal for his new role. At Evolve we reward our talented staff with opportunities for career progression.”
Oli, 23, is keen to explore his personal network across the region’s schools. He says: “I am certain there are children whose health and wellbeing can be improved though mentoring. I also aim to develop my team’s culture through my own positivity and through persistent reassurance and rewarding of hard work.
“I will ensure quality provision is delivered by all members of Team West Midlands, by monitoring and collaborating with the team to develop a professional, positive culture in which everyone is aware of their responsibilities, whilst appreciating and enjoying the positive impact they are having on hundreds of children’s lives.”
After achieving a First Class Honours BA in Physical Education from the University of Wolverhampton, Oli joined Evolve and says there are two main reasons why it is brilliant to work for the company.
“The first is because of all the young people whose lives we change daily by establishing a positive rapport and then delivering proven interventions to address health and wellbeing,” he says.
“The second is the network of like-minded colleagues who are approachable and always willing to help. Through working for Evolve I get the satisfaction of knowing that every day we are making a positive impact on everyone involved, including pupils, parents, and Evolve and teaching staff.”
Oli  adds he has had numerous proud moments whilst working for Evolve. “These range from breakthrough moments during mentoring to running a whole school sports day and receiving positive feedback from school governors in the process,” he explains.
His overall aim is to ensure the development of Evolve in the region through organic growth and by signing up more schools to the programme. That way more pupils will benefit with improved wellbeing.
Oli is taking over part of the West Midlands patch from Ben Gallier, who left Evolve last month after almost 10 years. Oli will work alongside fellow West Midlands Regional Managers Amie Richards and Kat Watkin.
You can contact Oli by email at oli.zaki@evolvesi.com or by mobile on 07966 750320 and follow him on Twitter @OZevolve.