Can you help support our crowdfunder campaign?

Earlier this month we launched our first crowdfunder campaign, with the aim of raising £5,000 for children across Birmingham to access one of our XLR8 courses for a week during this year’s school summer holidays.
If we reach our target, Birmingham City Council will match the funds raised with another £5,000, meaning 100 targeted pupils will be able to access the course free of charge.

XLR8 summer schools are fun, engaging and active courses which help young people under the age of 18 develop their personal attributes.
They are run by fully-qualified Health Mentors from Evolve during school holidays, with the aim of developing key skills of enterprise, communication and teamwork.
XLR8 encourages young people to challenge themselves through competitive games and make new friends during team-building activities, and offers the opportunity for parents to get involved and join in the fun too!
It is a new initiative that we want to introduce to families, with the aim of creating a positive, creative and talented environment which offers young people the chance to shine.
XLR8 not only helps nurture and discover talent, but also meets young people’s wellbeing needs. The children don’t necessarily realise the difference it is making; they just know that they are having fun!
We want to reach out to more young people in the Birmingham area, with particular focus on East Birmingham. We want to target around 100 young people who transition into secondary school from Year 6 to Year 7. The course helps to settle and dispel the fears they may have about starting their secondary school journey. XLR8 also plays an important role in improving their wellbeing and knowledge on health, lifestyle and nutrition.
There are two ways in which you can help with this campaign:

  1. You can contribute directly by pledging any amount to the campaign.
  2. You can share the campaign with family, friends and colleagues via social media, email or in person to help us raise awareness and contributors to our overall target.

If we are successful with this initial crowdfunding campaign in Birmingham, then further projects will be rolled out across the UK to help reach and impact on more children.
The £5,000 must be raised by 5pm on Thursday 29th June 2017, so if you can support us or share our campaign, please do so quickly.
To find out more about the crowdfunding campaign, please click here.