Summer is the time to XLR8

It’s time for parents to sign up for an active holiday course that helps children build confidence for the year ahead and set personal records.
Our XLR8 programme, which has been praised by parents for its amazing impact on building children’s self-confidence and personal development, is being offered at multiple venues across England and Wales throughout July and August.

Initially, XLR8 was developed to support pupils during two weeks of the summer holiday to help them prepare for secondary school in September, whilst also developing their personal and social skills with fun physical activities thrown in.
Now, the courses are delivered in each of the school holiday periods for pupils across KS2.
Damon Fox, Evolve’s Impact Sales Manager, explains: “XLR8 is a programme like no other holiday course out there. Pupils have the opportunity to really find out who they are, what they want to achieve and have the chance to showcase their individual talents.
“The programme is designed to grow pupils’ personal development, emotional wellbeing and social abilities. I have seen first-hand pupils transform within a week, from a quiet reserved child who finds it hard to speak to anyone, to performing on their own during the talent show at the end of the course in front of their peers and parents. It’s amazing what a week on this course can do for a child.”
The courses are fully funded by parents and cost £20 per day (£100 a week). To find out if we are running a course near you, please click the link below.
If you know parents whose children would benefit, they can book using the links below. However, pupils can also be enrolled on the XLR8 programme by their school from pupil premium funding.
To book your child a place, please click here –