XLR8 courses can meet summer childcare need

A Family and Childcare Trust survey reported by the BBC today has highlighted the rising costs of summer childcare and the scarcity of council run provision.
The survey found the cost of holiday childcare has risen 4% since 2016 to an average of £125 per week – at a time when working families face a general squeeze on incomes.
Evolve has been working in local communities to come up with an affordable childcare solution which places and emphasis on health and wellbeing, as well as helping to avoid the academic dip which can occur during the summer break.
Evolve Managing Director John Bishop said: “The cost of childcare during school holidays is a real deterrent for many parents from taking full time employment opportunities.  Traditional childcare providers are having to increase their prices to keep up with inflation and to retain their best staff.
“This is another challenge that Evolve has been addressing within local communities.  By teaming up with local schools that are often under utilised during holiday periods, Evolve offers enjoyable educational experiences as part of its XLR8 programme.
“These courses use qualified Health Mentors to deliver a wide range of health, educational and personal development outcomes for children.  Also, XLR8 courses cost less than the more traditional childcare options with prices starting from £20 per day.
“We are experiencing more interest in XLR8 from schools, parents and children than ever and this reinforces some of the findings from today’s Family and Childcare Trust ‘Holiday Childcare Survey 2017’.”
For more information about Evolve and XLR8, please contact 0845 5198446 or visit www.evolvesi.com.