Evolve Health Mentors begin using their new Health and Wellbeing Assessment Toolkit to track pupil progress

September is always a busy month for school staff and that is also the case for Evolve Health Mentors who have started to track the progress of their pupils using a new online system.
Evolve introduced their new Health and Wellbeing Assessment Toolkit in September 2017 following huge success with their trial system last year. Headteachers have used the data produced to support Governors’ meetings, include within school reports and to identify vulnerable pupils for specific interventions.
The data captured incorporates children’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, personal development and cognitive development with these values being tracked over the full academic year.  Health Mentors focus their efforts on approximately 10% of pupils within schools who need extra support but schools are encouraged to use the screening tool for all pupils.
Headteachers in Nottinghamshire have commented that the toolkit is an “extremely useful concept, underpinning the great work Health Mentors are doing with specific children, thus having a positive impact on the whole school”.
Health Mentors are currently gathering their baseline data before reassessing their pupils at the end of each term. School staff can access the results at any point during the year, allowing progress to be analysed and interventions modified to ensure their effectiveness.
Evolve Impact Manager, Amie Richards, commented:
“Impact data is important to schools because it can be used to identify children who require extra support, evidence for pupil and sports premium expenditure and to measure the overall impact of Health Mentor provision.  During 2016/17, Health Mentors improved children’s wellbeing across the country by 10% and we are aiming to have an even greater impact this year.”