Evidence to show that Evolve Health Mentors improved children’s emotional wellbeing by 8% during 2016/17

For over a decade, Evolve Health Mentors have been supporting pupils across the country and received resounding feedback on the work they have been undertaking to fight both the growing obesity and mental health epidemics besetting the next generation.
The majority of this feedback has been in the form of qualitative evidence. However, schools now have quantitative data to demonstrate the impact of their Health Mentors after a new evaluation framework was introduced last year. Health Mentors are now able to track the health and wellbeing of pupils they work with to help assess their individual progress.
In 2016/17, 102 schools utilised the assessments with a total of 3,144 pupils. Health Mentors appeared to make their greatest impact in the physical activity sector where pupils averaged an improvement of 11%.
The results also showed a positive impact of 7% for the personal development of pupils and an 8% increase in their emotional wellbeing.
This information is available to schools and Health Mentors at pupil, class and school levels, allowing children to be targeted on an individual needs led basis and progress to be monitored throughout the year.
Paul Norris, a Senior Health Mentor in the East Midlands, explained:
“The data from the health and wellbeing assessments helped me to identify which pupils had lower physical activity levels, helping me to focus more attention on these children. These results led me to create personalised activity plans to motivate them to be more active, something that traditional PE lessons and after school clubs was failing to do.”
To find out how our impact reports can benefit your school, contact our National Impact Manager, Amie Richards on amie@evolvesi.com.