World Heart Day – The partnership between Evolve and Heart Research UK

With World Heart Day 2017 upon us, we are celebrating the successful partnership between Evolve and Heart Research UK. Merging the knowledge and delivery skills of the two organisations, Evolve Health Mentors have been conducting engaging and educational talks about healthy hearts to schools across the country.
With objectives aligned around the importance of eating well, regularly exercising and developing an overall healthy lifestyle, Health Mentors have developed the programme into an active and exciting workshop.
The sessions are usually delivered in year groups or classes depending upon the size of the school. With themes of a game show for Key Stage 2 and pirate talk for their younger peers, pupils are encouraged to work in teams to develop the answers to the questions from the healthy heart talks. Pupils are then encouraged to use their opinions and beliefs about what they think is healthy and compare this to the information that was delivered in the workshop.
The sessions that last for 90 minutes have received resounding feedback from schools and pupils. Teachers at Sharley Park Community Primary School in Chesterfield commented, “it was a super session about healthy hearts. The children really enjoyed the activities and I think they will have learnt some interesting information on how to keep your heart healthy.”
Abi Antcliff, a Health Mentor at the forefront of the workshop delivery, explained, “I really enjoyed delivery the Healthy Heart talks. There was so much variety and they were really beneficial in teaching the children about healthy hearts. The style of the talks made sure that the messages were delivered with a child-centred approach.”
She added, “the benefits of the Healthy Heart talks are educating children about lifestyle choice and not only teaching the information but ensuring children know how to live a healthy, happy and longer life.”
To find out more information about the initiative, contact Sascha McDonald on