Develop your school culture with a health and wellbeing consultation from Evolve

Improving staff and pupil wellbeing is high on the agenda for numerous schools across the country but part of the challenge is to identify where cracks are appearing within individual environments.
However, Evolve are in a position to use their skilled workforce to identify such areas of development through their health and wellbeing consultations, a process that lasts between four and seven hours depending on the size of the school. The member of staff observes behaviour and activity in various aspects of the school day, including lunchtimes, after school clubs and classroom lessons.
Pupil voice and teacher interviews also play a key role in the findings that are presented in a unique report at the end of the consultation. The information gathered is then used to formulate various areas of development designed to improve the overall health and wellbeing within the school.
Damon Fox, National Impact Manager for Evolve, explained, “the benefits of the health and wellbeing consultations allow schools to take a whole school approach to wellbeing. They identify positive areas and areas of development to impact on the staff, pupils and community”.
He added, “they provide a report that schools can share on their website and embed in their school development plan whilst helping the whole school climate”.
To find out more information about the health and wellbeing consultations, contact Damon on or Josh Cronin on