Saltley Academy XLR8 course boosts pupils’ self-esteem by 42% over the summer holidays

The transition from primary to secondary school can be an overwhelming period for an 11-year old as they enter a new stage of life in unfamiliar territory. With confidence, academic performance and social skills all under pressure during this phase of development, it can be a tough time for pupils and their parents.
However, after a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised money to provide free places on a summer XLR8 course, feeder primary schools to Saltley Academy in Birmingham put forward groups of Year 5 and 6 children who they thought would benefit most from the course.
An average attendance of 25 children per day across the week attended the course, taking part in various talent, enterprise and vitality activities entwined with the opportunity to develop their own self-esteem and make new friendship groups.
The feedback was overwhelming with 72% of pupils explaining they would come to an XLR8 course again. 80% of parents and carers also admitted they would recommend an XLR8 course to others.
Jeevan Chagger, Course Director, explained the social benefits the activities created across the week. “At first, many of the pupils were quite shy when talking to and interacting with peers from other schools. During the course of the week, children began to understand more about each other, exploring different backgrounds, aspirations and passions.”
Further evidence of the XLR8 course impact is underpinned by pupil surveys that considered thoughts and feelings at the start and the end of the week. The following results were ascertained:

  • An improvement of 39% of pupils agreed with the statement ‘I am ready for another year of school’ by the end of the week.
  • Self-esteem developed by 42% more pupils agreeing to the statement ‘I like being me’.
  • 26% more pupils admitted to ‘I like meeting new people’ by the end of the week.

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