Support the school transition process with an Evolve XLR8 course

The transition from primary to secondary school environments is one that can strike concern into even the most confident children and their parents. Ofsted research has demonstrated that such a process is incredibly challenging for a number of pupils, with many children showing a significant dip in academic performance and self-confidence.
To bridge the gap between primary and secondary, Evolve offer XLR8 transition courses at various venues across the country during half-term periods. The main aim is to educate and support both pupils and their parents or carers with regards to the challenges faced during this period and the best way to prepare for and deal with these changes.
Such courses ensure inactivity does not become an issue during the school holidays through our active learning approach and maintains the educational progression and knowledge acquisition that can plateau outside of school hours. All this takes place within a fun and engaging environment, whilst ensuring children have the opportunity to make new friends with pupils from other primary schools that are going to the same secondary establishment.
Each course comprises of a theme week and could be any of the following:

  • Roots to Routes – encouraging children to think about their life and where they come from. This week offers creative discussions and fact-finding missions such as how the pupils will maximise the many opportunities at their new school.
  • My Tribe, My Land – an opportunity to be creative and work together as a team, whilst presenting the chance to develop leadership in a variety of ways.
  • Superheroes – children discuss and explore what makes a ‘Superhero’ and how they can achieve their own personal bests.
  • My Big Idea – this theme allows pupils to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills, teamwork and task management. The pupils use elements of business and enterprise to create their own product or service.

The themes always incorporate the following aspects to ensure an engaging and active week:

  • Core Impact – 15 minutes spent on both Maths and English per day.
  • PB:ME – the chance to improve your own personal best scores in a variety of areas.
  • Talent  – build confidence by showcasing your individual and group talents.
  • Enterprise – develop teamwork and innovation.
  • Vitality – daily physical activity to keep pupils fit and healthy.
  • Digital Me – encourage pupils to identify their achievements.

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