Parliamentary group calls for physical activity to be incorporated into classroom learning

The cross-party child health and wellbeing group, known as A Fit and Healthy Childhood, have published a report this week that challenges the current effectiveness of physical activity. The ‘Physical Activity in Early Childhood’ publication has been sent to MPs in an attempt to adapt current provision.
Within the documentation, the group called for a wider focus on outdoor learning. They suggested the national curriculum should endorse such a venture that would ensure children are physically active whilst continuing to develop their learning and understanding. The group also explained that activities in the classroom should involve opportunities to stand up and move around to ensure physical activity levels are improved.
The group, incorporating members of various different political parties, considered the idea of teachers and Headteachers receiving a minimum of 20 hours training to ensure effective playtimes are being delivered to engage children in active learning.
Another recommendation was to include an overall health and wellbeing assessments for children starting school. This would help focus provision for individuals and groups of children.
Baroness Floella Benjamin, the co-chair of the group, explained that the report “was timely reading in the wake of a government childhood obesity strategy that has been widely criticised for a disappointing lack of resolve and ambition”.
Chris Lincoln, East Midland Regional Manager for Evolve, explained that the report was further proof that the innovative health and wellbeing specialists were on the right track with their innovative Project HE:RO structure.
He commented, “many of the aspects included in the report are ones we are already trying to incorporate within schools across the country. In conjunction with our partners, Tagtiv8, we are developing active learning for all primary school children. Similarly, our Health Mentors are training and supporting school staff and Play Leaders in effective playtime provision”.
Evolve have also recently rolled out their health and wellbeing toolkit that assesses the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals, classes and the whole school. Such a product allows staff to streamline their provision in accordance with the school development plan.