How Thrive can support mental health concerns on National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday 1st November is National Stress Awareness Day – a campaign centred around one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the country.
Over the last decade, statistics from the Labour Force Survey suggest that reports of stress have plateaued in general working environments. However, stress still accounts for 37% of all work-related ill health and generates almost 12 million lost working days per year which is 45% of the total lost days in the workplace.
The Labour Force Survey also indicates that “stress is more prevalent in public service industries such as education”. A survey of almost 2,000 teachers showed that an alarming 66% had been tearful because of their job at some point in the last 12 months and 34% had taken time off due to stress or poor mental health associated with their role.
Many people find it difficult to speak up and ask for support when such concerns arise. However, one of our partners, Thrive, have developed an app that is “confidential and personal to each user”.
Dr Andres Fonseca, one of the co-founders of Thrive, states on the website: ‘stress is so often a hidden problem in the workplace. Thrive has enabled thousands of employees to easily get the vital help they need in a confidential and effective way.’
Clinically proven techniques are used to detect, prevent and manage common mental health problems. Techniques used in therapy sessions help build resilience to stress, anxiety and depression through fun activities that include calm breathing, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and applied relaxation. A ‘mood meter’ monitors and tracks individual progress, whilst making the programme personal and confidential to each individual.
Statistics from Thrive suggest ‘76% of people with a mental health condition will never seek professional help’, thus the app seems a perfect foundation for people who are simply unsure of where to go for support.