How our Corporate Parenting Sports Coordinator is providing opportunities for young people in Birmingham

After experiencing the roles of Health Mentor and Regional Manager for Evolve, Alex Hillman started a new role in May where he is tasked with creating more sports opportunities for young people in care within the Birmingham area. Here is an insight from Alex into his position.
I have been working as Corporate Parenting Sports Coordinator in Birmingham since May 2017. The role was a new one created to develop more sporting opportunities for our young people in care – this can range from children in foster care, residential homes, homes for young people with disabilities or unaccompanied young people.
Since I started in the position, I have formed positive relationships with staff and the young people, which was helped by my visits when conducting sports sessions at the homes. I have formed strong partnerships with organisations such as Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Sport Birmingham, West Bromwich Albion, Moseley Rugby and Edgbaston Cricket – who have been all willing to support our young people. They have done this by offering reward prizes such as tickets and cricket bats and balls. Our partnership with Edgbaston has helped us conduct a cricket programme for certain young people to participate every week indoors.
I have supported our two Sports Raising Aspirations Programmes, with support from Evolve, for our young people aged from 6 to 14 years old which supported the development of emotional wellbeing and personal development. I have been part of the Going4Success Rewards Events and taster experiences for our young people. Our last Rewards Event was linked to my lead role, sport, where we had lots of different sporting activities for our young people with the support from our partners. To date, 127 young people have taken part in a sport taster experience/day and that number is going to continue to develop.
Going forward, my role will continue to develop programmes with our partners, so that our brilliant young people can experience and develop themselves through sport.
Natalie Loon, Corporate Parenting Coordinator, who works with Alex stated:
“Since starting in his post, Alex has worked closely with partners and services across the city, council and Children’s Trust, successfully starting to build a sports offer for our young people, providing them with quality opportunities delivered in residential homes or venues. ¬†Alex has built strong relationships with the young people he works with and a key strength is the continuity that he gives them in his approach.
Alex has widened the opportunities available to all young people so that there are no barriers to them being able to access opportunities. He recently had five young people on work experience working with a rewards partner, building a sensory garden in their own residential home. This has now given them the confidence to access further opportunities away from the home, which is a huge milestone for them.”