A day in the life of a Health Mentor

With each timetable in every school different for our Health Mentors across the country, it is somewhat of a challenge to define a ‘typical day’. Yet every member of staff will have a wide variety of delivery strands as identified by the example below:
8:00: Arrival – With Health Mentors deployed anywhere between 1 and 5 days in their school setting, the morning is an important part of the day for Evolve staff. It is not only a chance to gather resources for the rest of the day but an opportunity to meet with class teachers to discuss the progress of their beneficiaries across the week. This can help shape small group and individual sessions later in the morning.
8:15-8:45: Wake and Shake Club – What better way to get ready for the school day than some physical activity? Research shows that physical engagement can boost brain performance so children are invited to start their day with a wide variety of games to ‘shake off the morning cobwebs’,
8:45-9:00: Meet and Greet – Building rapport with pupils is critical to achieving set outcomes and one way Health Mentors develop this is by meeting their beneficiaries on the school gates. A friendly smile can go along way to secure a successful day for both the Health Mentor and pupils.
9:00-10:15: Classroom Support and Mentoring – With teachers’ time at a premium, the opportunity to support some pupils in their academic progress can be limited. Health Mentors work with individuals and/or small groups to support the acquisition of knowledge in the classroom. Many staff also support with core abilities such as self-esteem, confidence and behaviour through carefully planned mentoring sessions.
10:15-10:30: Health Mentor Break – A chance to recharge the batteries and prepare resources for the next session.
10:30-11:30: Active Learning Interventions – With educational partners such as Mathletics and Tagtiv8, Health Mentors can put a different spin on learning with active learning intervention sessions. Small groups are often taken out to combine physical activity and Maths to aid the development of kinaesthetic learners.
11:30-12:00: Health Mentor Lunch – Evolve staff are fuelled by healthy lifestyles and a balanced diet.
12:00-1:00: Lunchtime Playground Animation – Government recommendations suggest that all children should be exposed to at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Through a variety of stationed activities, often supported by Year 5 and 6 Play Leaders, Health Mentors engage the whole playground in a variety of games to lower the number of behaviour problems and raise physical literacy levels.
1:00-3:15: Physical Education CPD Sessions – Teaching PE is still a concern for a number of school staff across the country. With the recent doubling of sports premium funding, schools are looking to specialists, such as Health Mentors, to provide expert CPD and upskill teachers with their PE delivery.
3:15-3:30: Health Mentor Break – A chance to refresh and prepare for the after school club.
3:30-4:30: After School Club – Our after school clubs are mixed in their objectives. Some school look to boost the prowess of their sports teams, whilst others use them as an opportunity to engage those children who are ‘less active’. However, each session will always be fun and engaging, whilst developing key skills and knowledge.
4:30-4:45: Club Dismissal and Sign Off – Our Health Mentors often interact with parents after the club to discuss the progress children have made throughout the day. A tidy up of resources will then be followed by a discussion with key class teachers to discuss how their beneficiaries have worked throughout the school day.
4:45-5:00: Departure and Relaxation – After a busy day, it is critical that Health Mentors look after their own wellbeing whilst supporting that of the children they work with. A session with Thrive is always a good way to end the day before continuing the mission to help children lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives the next morning.
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