Indea Smith-Boora: Inspiring children to reach their full potential

Indea Smith-Boora is one of many bright young sparks in the Evolve network. Her enthusiasm and creativity has inspired children to reach their potential in a very short space of time…
I have been in three schools during two years with Evolve. All three schools have been very different and I have lots of great memories from them all! My favourite part about being a Health Mentor is seeing the change in the children I have worked with from the beginning right until the end of the programme.
My greatest success is a difficult one as the role of a Health Mentor can give you so many different achievements! In my current school, I took a group of six children to a hockey competition. None of the children had played hockey before and when we arrived they saw the other schools and asked, “Miss, do we have to play?”.
I explained it was all about the experience and not about the winning. Yet we won our first two games which meant we progressed to the final. The children and I were so excited we had made it this far… it was 2-2 and the final whistle had gone, so the umpire stated it would be the next goal that wins. WE WON! The huge difference in the children’s attitudes from the beginning of the competition to the end was just priceless – it was amazing to see!
There are a variety of ambitions I have for the children I work with. One example is to inspire children to carry on sport throughout their life and push themselves to play at a high level if they wish. Everyone has the potential to be great, and it’s important for people to give children that opportunity!
Indea’s great work has been recognised by parents. One explained, “I don’t know what you’ve done Miss Boora but you have really boosted my son’s confidence and I am very thankful”.