Petreece Dufus: Changing frowns to smiles

Petreece is one of our newest faces in the Evolve family but is already making an incredible impact in the West Midlands area. Here is the story of Miss Dufus and the children she supports…
I have been a Health Mentor for a year now, working within Birmingham and Black Country schools. Currently, I am situated in three schools and enjoy how every day is different and a new chance to make a lasting impact on the children I work with. The role is diverse, one day I can be teaching and improving academic performance and the next improving social skills through mentoring and Lego therapy.
It’s hard to state my greatest success so far. As a Health Mentor, I believe every day I change the frowns of children to smiles or help them understand something they found difficult. It is a step in the right direction to improving the futures of the next generation.
It is my ambition to do what it takes to help children take the first steps on the path to personal success and improving the potential outcomes for the children who I am privileged to influence.
Her work is clearly making an impression on the teaching staff around her:
“Petreece shows awareness and follows the school code of conduct. She is always ready to support the class teacher in any activity asked of her, thoroughly, whilst she is in school. On more than one occasion, she has volunteered to assist and support the school’s organisation of various events including the organisation of Sports Day and has enthusiastically volunteered to attend a residential visit to Ingestre Hall”.
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