Robbie Collingburn: Building rapport to develop success

Robbie Collingburn is one of our youngest Health Mentors but is making a lasting positive impression on children around the Nottinghamshire area…
I have been with the company for just over a year. Before I started with Evolve, I studied Sports and Exercise Science which gave me a good knowledge of sport and how the body works. This has helped me in areas like PE and educating pupils about how their body works and reacts to exercise. I enjoy working in different schools as all the schools have a completely different complexion. My role is different to any other member of staff due to the wide range of activities we deliver in schools.
A success for me was settling into my new school and forming a positive relationship with all of my focus children. I did this by getting to know the children before starting any work with them so they feel comfortable. The outcomes have been very positive from doing this as the work I have been doing with them has shown improvements. This is underpinned by our health and wellbeing assessment package that any school can utilise with their pupils.
My ambitions are for children to enjoy their time at school and to try and reach their full potential. I also look to improve the children’s general health and wellbeing all across the school and not just with the children I work with.
Robbie’s work has been noticed by teaching staff he works with. One stated, “Mr Collingburn is a breath of fresh air, I have learned so much from him and how good he is with the kids.”
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