Abi Antcliff: Providing children with foundations for the future

Abi Antcliff has worked in a number of schools across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, supporting the development of thousands of children. Here is her story…
My Evolve career began six years ago when I first started with the company. As soon as I applied for the position, I found the role very interesting and wanted to become a Health Mentor. I am so glad I decided to make the change from being a sports coach as I love being a Health Mentor and wouldn’t go back to any other role.
What I enjoy most about being a Health Mentor is the continuous variety that the role provides – no two days are ever the same. I enjoy the different challenges and hard work that ensures I make a positive difference to children that look up to us as role models. Being a Health Mentor is such a rewarding role as it is more than just a job – each day you see the small differences that you make that then develop into changing children’s lives for the future.
My favourite but most challenging aspect of the role is mentoring. This is where I see the majority of impact on the children’s development – I believe if children’s emotional and mental wellbeing is stable then everything else fits into place much easier. Healthy mind equals healthy lifestyles.
I also thoroughly enjoy working on our XLR8 holiday course programme. The outcomes of XLR8 are to get to know the secondary school surroundings; to increase the children’s confidence and self-esteem; to help their emotional and physical development; and to create friendships but most of all to have fun.
My favourite part of XLR8 is bringing it all together with the talent shows at the end of the week in front of all the parents, the health mentors and the children.  The talent shows are utilised showcase the incredible journeys the children have come from. On day one they often arrive very shy and unsure, before performing their own talents on stage in front of their friends and parents and all of the health mentors by the end of the week.
Abi has five core outcomes that streamline the work she does with her children:

  1. To be healthy both in their mind and body.
  2. To always try their best in whatever they do.
  3. To be happy and know that they can achieve anything with the right tools.
  4. To stand up for what they believe in and to look up to positive role models.
  5. To always smile even when things are tough.