Serian Ganesh: Helping children to have fun whilst learning

Serian Ganesh is just one of a handful of Health Mentors to have worked in two different countries! Yet, wherever she has worked, she has always had a positive impact on the children around her…
I have been with Evolve since early 2013 and have worked all around South Wales and in Bristol.  As a Health Mentor, I love interacting with the children, whether it is through P.E, mentoring, playground animation or XLR8 courses. Seeing the children having fun, learning and developing is amazing.  The nature of the role means that no day is the same and I have to be on my toes but I enjoy the variety of the role.
Every time a child has fun and learns something new, that is a success for me! Yet my greatest success was being a course director in Cowbridge, one of Wales largest XLR8 transition holiday courses. The fact that I had a brilliant team of Health Mentors around me made the job easy! We all worked as a team and had the same goal – for the children to have fun, learn, and to have an easier transition to their secondary school. The outcome of this was the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
My overall ambitions for all the children I work with are for them to be happy and healthy and to achieve their potential!
And Serian is certainly achieving her objectives, as outlined by the following quote by a class teacher:
“Through her calm and approachable nature, Miss Ganesh has established a positive relationship with the children and has very good classroom management skills. She encourages the children to make positive changes and rewards good behaviour. She is also very capable of dealing with any behaviour issues that may arise in the classroom”.
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