Evolve’s 12 Days of Christmas: The stories to warm your heart in the cold winter months

Within the last fortnight, we have been sharing some of our heart-warming stories developed by children and retold by the Health Mentors that work with them.
From holiday courses to PE lessons and mentoring to poetry sessions, every day numerous new stories are being created by the bond formulated between Health Mentors and children of various backgrounds and ages. The stories we have shared with you are just a selection from our large directory being added to across the country on a consistent basis.
If you have missed any of our ’12 Days of Christmas’, you can find all of our blogs right here:
Day 1: Luke Francis – Combining a love for sport with improvement in maths
Day 2: Dan Brown – Making a positive impact on children with a variety of unique sessions
Day 3: Ross Wagstaff – Providing opportunities and experiences for everyone
Day 4: Alex Whitehead – How to engage the disengaged
Day 5: Indea Smith-Boora – Inspiring children to reach their full potential
Day 6: Petreece Dufus – Changing frowns to smiles
Day 7: Robbie Collingburn – Building rapport to develop success
Day 8: Abi Antcliff – Providing children with foundations for the future
Day 9: Tarik Ross-Cameron – Using poetry to make a difference
Day 10: Serian Ganesh – Helping children to have fun whilst learning
Day 11: Brian Padden – National Health Mentor of the Year 2017
If you would like to find out more information about how your children can develop their own success story with a Health Mentor, contact Josh Cronin on josh@evolvesi.com.
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Happy New Year to you all!