New Year’s resolutions of the Evolve management team

With 2018 set to be an exciting year for everyone involved with Evolve, the management team spared some time to plan their personal ambitions for the next 12 months and discuss what changes they would like to see made in the education system…
As health and wellbeing professionals, it is no surprise to see such areas play a part in personal resolutions. Alex Hillman, Corporate Parenting Sports Coordinator, is aiming to go to the gym before work and produce an energy boost for the day whilst not having to worry about attending after finishing his shift.
Operations Manager Ash Burd and Impact Sales Manager Damon Fox have also joined the gym whilst making changes to diets at home. Milk consumption has been adapted in both households and biscuits have been replaced by bananas in the Burd home.
Family time is also being made a priority for both myself as East Midlands Regional Manager and Ash. Such ethic promotes positive environments at home and that energy-radiating attitude has focussed the thoughts of Kat Watkin who manages one of our Birmingham areas. Kat is keeping a gratitude journal to maintain perspective by looking for a positive outcome from every day, no matter how small or big.
During working hours you are likely to find our Marketing and Communications Executive, Ana Pirca, grafting away at her laptop. However, her ambitions for the year will take her far and wide in the community as she looks to volunteer in a wildlife sanctuary, provide support for people in need and donate half of her hair!
Developing knowledge is the target for our Yorkshire-based senior leaders. Chairman Graham Morgan is attempting to become the first person to graduate from our MSc Health Mentoring course, a mere 44 years after leaving University. Yorkshire Regional Manager Sascha MacDonald is looking to develop his knowledge as he embarks on a Level 5 Management qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management. Wales Regional Manager Amie Richards is also putting the acquisition of knowledge first as she looks to add inspiring podcasts to her commutes.
Changes in the education sector are also high on the wishlist for our team of managers. Teacher workload is a major concern and some of our suggestions include new time-saving marking policies to improve the number of trainee teacher applications and reverse the high volumes of professionals leaving their posts.
A more supportive approach from Ofsted has also been suggested with the team of inspectors hopefully looking at a new subject in the near future. Health and Wellbeing has been touted as a new subject for the National Curriculum by the management team as a measure to support the attempt to reverse the current obesity crisis.
Mental health statistics are also a concern across the country and Evolve managers have urged the Government to invest in preventative strategies and support from professionals such as Health Mentors.
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