XLR8 Holiday Courses – Your tribe needs YOU!

Last month we gave you an insight into one of our XLR8 holiday course themes, Superheroes.
For our first XLR8 holiday course feature of 2018, we are going to focus on the exciting topic of My Tribe, My Land – the perfect opportunity to develop teamwork skills whilst also identifying new talents and building upon the skills each individual already has.
The opening day provides the foundations for each tribal unit. Children will be separated into their groups before developing a tribal name and language before producing their own version of the Haka!
The identity of the tribe is developed throughout the week as flags, anthems and costumes are created. However, no tribal rivalry is complete without an element of competition!
Groups will work together to complete a series of challenges. These include creating a device to transport food from one place to another, preparing a tribal game and producing a healthy drink to ensure the members of your tribe are ready for battle!
Yet that is not all the course has to offer. Children are introduced to Core Impact activities that ensure they are maintaining and developing their English and Maths knowledge whilst also setting a baseline for their PB:ME (Personal Best: My Efforts) scores. Here they are encouraged to improve their physical fitness scores through a series of fun activities.

Each day also comprises of Vitality games that support social and physical skills through various activities developed by Evolve Health Mentors. Regular health discussions underpin these practical sessions by promoting the importance of healthy lifestyles.
The week is then rounded off with the ‘Gathering of the Tribes’. Parents are invited to watch a concluding show where children are invited to show off their work from the week and present their old and new talents to the audience.
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