Inspire your children to read and write with a series of exciting events in March

Thursday 1st March represents a colourful and exciting day in schools up and down the country. World Book Day is an annual event designed to encourage children to read and share some of their favourite stories with friends, family and teachers.
Many schools allow their pupils to dress up as their favourite character from a book of their choice as they bring stories to life around the classroom in a bid to create a reading legacy amongst pupils. Recent figures show 39% of primary school pupils failed to meet the expected Key Stage 2 SATs standard in reading, writing and maths with the former posing a particular problem. Large numbers of parents state they simply ‘do not have the time’ to read with their children, whilst the development of game consoles and digital media is literally putting books in the corner.

(Image Credit: Night Zookeeper)

However, hot on the heels of World Book Day is World Creative Writing Month developed by our friends at Night Zookeeper. The event lasts the entire month and provides friendly competition between classrooms around the planet to see who can create the most stories.
With t-shirts, illustrations and books representing the prizes, the team at Night Zookeeper have set a target of 10 million words to be written by the end of March. Last year, pupils from 30 countries wrote more than 6 million words.
The use of Night Zookeeper can also be extended further into the academic year. The engaging factor of children taking the role of the Zookeeper before designing their own animals and writing about various scenarios ensures that such a resource is a favourite amongst Evolve Health Mentors, teachers and pupils alike.
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