Evolve pupils prepare to ignite the Hall of Fame on World Maths Day

Last week saw the annual event of World Book Day and the start of World Creative Writing Month designed to engage young people in reading and writing.
However, on Wednesday 7th March, it is the turn of another core subject to take the limelight. Mathletics has opened the doors for World Maths Day, a competition to accrue as many points as possible to help your school rise up the leaderboard.
Pupils compete against each other on Live Mathletics as they undertake a series of questions on a variety of levels across a period of 48 hours. The demand this year has been so high that Mathletics had to close registrations with over 4 million pupils registered across the globe.
Mathletics is used annually by an increasing number of schools around the world. A combination of engaging curriculum-based activities and a competitive reward system ensures pupils have fun whilst learning. Every point accrued by each pupil goes towards helping UNICEF projects across the world.
Options to set courses, assessments and a resource bank of session plans also make the software a favourite of teachers in the United Kingdom. The benefits of such provision have been presented in a number of case studies on the platform.
The Mathletics website leads with the headline: Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Powerful courses aligned to the various National Curricula of the UK & Ireland, from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 5, matched with dynamic tools and reporting for teachers.’
Evolve Health Mentors have combined the online platform with a series of outdoor activities for several years in a number of schools during a productive partnership. The mix of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning styles ensures all angles are covered during engaging fast-paced sessions.
Mathletics is also used during our XLR8 holiday courses. Such provision ensures that the attainment gap is narrowed during half-term periods.
To find out more information, visit www.mathletics.com. Evolve schools are also able to access a partnership offer and are invited to contact their Regional Manager for more details.