XLR8 Holiday Courses – Identify your roots and routes!

Over the past couple of months, we have been detailing our XLR8 holiday course themes. In January we told you about My Tribe, My Land and before Christmas we provided information on Superheroes. This month it is the turn of Roots and Routes – thinking about your journey so far and where you are going next!
The opening day gives children the opportunity to understand who they are and what is inside them, both physically and emotionally. Combined with a variety of games and activities to develop friendships with other children, this is the perfect way to get the week started!
The next few days then go a long way to promoting self-esteem and confidence. Children are invited to articulate what makes them feel proud, what is precious to them and the milestones they have reached so far. This is then followed by a series of forward-thinking sessions, encouraging children to consider what opportunities are coming up and their targets for the future. Art and drama are placed at the core of the activities with children working towards a talent show presented to parents and friends at the end of the week.
Yet that is not all the course has to offer. Children are introduced to Core Impact activities that ensure they are maintaining and developing their English and Maths knowledge whilst also setting a baseline for their PB:ME (Personal Best: My Efforts) scores. Here they are encouraged to improve their physical fitness scores through a series of fun activities.
Each day also comprises of Vitality games that support social and physical skills through various activities developed by Evolve Health Mentors. Regular health discussions underpin these practical sessions by promoting the importance of healthy lifestyles.
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